Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Drawing by Eliane Duvekot

I have had a great week so far ! playing with Scarborough and Oshawa Sym has been a blast ! so much great music to perform. I am so glad I'm a horn player, its just so wonderful to perform great works of music, and enjoy it at the same time. I had to say that, because this is still my great love.. I love to be creative, and I just love being a creative artist in Canada.


many frustrations with others that live here.. like there simple english, old fashion way of thinking here. They are so afraid of change here... I had a meeting today with a good friend and fabulous Dutch Artist Eliane Duvekot ( http://www.duvekot.ca ) at my office. We were talking about the architecture , or lack of it in Toronto. I had mentioned how Toronto lacked in new exciting bold and or different building design. Its all brown or black or glass, boring square buildings ! The new addition to the Ontario College of Art is the only great thing that has been added to Toronto " skyline" for a while.
Ontario College of Art

Of course the CN Tower, New City Hall and the Sky Dome have now become the images of Toronto, but more is needed like this new OCA building. Two new additions are being built at the ROM and the Ontario Art Gallery, and hopefully, Torontoians will see how exciting change is !!!

To open your heart and mind to change is good for you, and makes you feel alive and keeps you young !

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