Thursday, April 05, 2007

California Day 2 and 3

Wed. April 4 & Thursday April 5, 2007
California Day 2 & 3

Day 2.

After a good nights rest, a nice breakfast of fresh bagels and a
great cup of coffee, Brynn and I and the kids ( the dogs) set off for a day at Brynn’s parents in Cambria. We arrived in Cambria around 9:30am. Brynn had some doctors appointments, so I was
left at her parents house with the dogs for a couple of hours.

I had a nice time reading and sitting in the sun on the deck. Brynn’s parents were away for the day, plant shopping, but would be back later for dinner. Brynn got back at about 1:00pm, and then we went together with the dogs in town, and had lunch at the local Grill in Cambria. We ate with
a friend of Brynn’s, Steve, who also had a dog. The three of us, and all the dogs, went after lunch to the local Dog beach just outside of Cambria, close to Hearst Castle.
The dogs had a great time swimming in the Pacific Ocean. Milo loved it ! We left the beach after an hour or so and went our own ways. Brynn and I made our way back to her parents house, where she started preparing dinner, and waiting for the arrival of her new boyfriend, Mark, and also her parent, Claude and Rhoda. We had a great BBQ pork chop dinner, with Chutney, and and a wonderful fresh California salad ! After dinner we said our goodbyes, and made our way back to Los Osos at about 10:00pm Pheew... great long day.. and boy will I sleep well tonight.. Milo too..

Day 3.
My eye is still really bothering me... as I turns out I have a ‘ stye eye’ and it sore and red.. very uncomfortable.. but .. C’est la vie.. what can I do.. Today after getting up at about 8:30am , I did some phone calling.. called United Airlines to make sure Milo is indeed intended, and booked to travel back in Cargo! This has now been confirmed, no mishaps, and misunderstandings this time I hope. And then I had to call my Vet, Downtown Animal hospital to have Milo vaccination paper faxed down here to the local vet in Los Osos, as I was suppose to have them to travel too... man these airlines, sure do not give the right information at all when traveling with a pet... !! but now we are all set... we picked up the papers.. and now today, we had a great car ride to the picturesque areas around Los Osos.

We had Japanese food for lunch which was yummy, and dogs waited in the car as we ate on the terrace in balmy sunny 25 degrees weather... then we continued on to the mountainous area
close by... Lake Lopez...
On the way there we passed many vineyards, and orange tree orchards.. full of oranges ready to pick. We stop at the side of the road and I got out and indeed picked 2 oranges straight off the trees... wow.. that was do neat .. We made our way back at about 3pm.. now we both had a little time out, the dogs are sleeping, I put a warm compress on my eye for 15 minutes, and hopefully that will speed up the process of healing. Tonight we are going to a Latin Jazz club...

I’m looking forward to that.. !!

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