Monday, April 09, 2007

California Day 6

Happy Easter !

Sunday April 8, 2007

Today I was accompanying Brynn to the local Jewish Temple, to attend a Klesmer concert that she was performing at. This was one of those situations that musicians cringe at. Having to play a concert in order to make good impressions, and lay down some critical contacts in the community.

After listening to this concert, with Mark and his sons, and Brynn’s best friend, Kathy.. I really don’t ever want to hear Klesmer music ever again... way, way to much.. 2 ½ hours of it ! yikes... !! any way.. the concert was finally over, and then Brynn and I , plus Mark and his sons made our way back to the House.

There Brynn showed Marks’ sons her bug collection, and her snake; plus showed off her amazing motorcycle. The boys were very impressed, and called Brynn a “ BAD ASS” women...
which is a complement!

Click here to see riding her Motorcycle live !

Later on Mark, Kathy Brynn and I went out to dinner at the local tourist trap restaurant. This restaurant, the pinnacle of Ketch !

The “ Madonna Inn” wow was this place ever ugly ! it was so ugly it was very funny... we had a nice

dinner together in a “ booth” ... later I drove Brynn’s car home, and Brynn and Mark went and had some time alone at “Muldoon point”... Brynn got back at 10pm, and we chatted and went to sleep.

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