Wednesday, April 04, 2007


So here I am in sunny and warm California... Milo and I made it! It was quite the experience traveling with a dog.. not as easy as it seems.. first of all when I arrived at the airport in Toronto with Milo I was shocked to learn that she was not aloud in her crate in cargo, but had to be taken on board in the cabin.. shocker ! as I did not prepare for this, and had to run like hell to the other side of the terminal to quickly purchase a dog carry on bag, and then run back to check in as I only had 15 more minutes to check in ! and what’s so maddening, is that I had especially US Airways, when booking the place for milo, as they said on the phone that they do not except dogs in CABIN and had to be in a crate. So they gave me complete wrong information. I do have to double check with my airlines going back, to avoid another screw up for the trip back to Toronto.

But we made it.. and Milo and made our way to the check in gate. At the gate, I thought to ask if I could " upgrade" to 1st class, now with Milo in tow, and see how much extra it would be. To my surprise it would only cost and extra $150 dollars to upgrade to 1st class... so I took the chance immediately and purchased the upgrade. I'm glad I did ! ... the seat was nice and wide, and so much more comfortable... back in the economy class, the seats were 3 and 3.. and up front 2 seats where in place as apposed to the 3 in the back.. all in all a great flight to Phoenix.. and Milo stored under the seat in front of me by my feet, in her new red carry-on doggy case. She slept the whole way I had given her a dog sedative early that morning. We arrived in Phoenix 45 mins late, as we left Toronto late, because a bird had flown into the airplane engine..

I know I didn't mention this before.. didn't want to alarm everyone ! but they got the bird remnants out of the engine, checked it, and all was well... but like I said when arriving in Phoenix so late for my connecting flight to San Luis Obispo, ( that’s about 20 min from Brynn’s house in Los Osos) I had to run with Milo all the way to the other side of the terminal in the Phoenix airport, and had only 5 mins to make it ! ... I made it ! and boy was I out of breath.. popped Milo back into her bag, I wasn't able to run and carry her... ( it really felt like I was in the TV show “ the Amazing race !) We sat at the back of this very small aircraft, that only sat 48, and had 2 seats to my self, for a 40 minute flight to California.. FINALLY ! ...
( picture of pictuesque Los Osos)

Pheew... we made it.. the airport in San Louis Obispo is so small, it only has one runway, and when you dis-embark from the plane, you walk down these little stairs outside the plane and right onto the tar-mate.. it was weird to be standing right beside the aircraft.. but finally outside in the California weather.. yahoo.. it’s about 25 degrees outside, and not a cloud in the sky.. the California mountains, and hills surrounded me, and it was all so nice and green !. .. yaaaah !.. I was finally here !.. as it turns out it took us a total of 7 hours to get here, but its worth it !

( this is picture of San Luis Obispo from the air )
Milo was really happy to see Brynn. My luggage, my suitcase, and Milo’s EMPTY dog crate arrived fine as well.. which really surprised me, as like I said I had 5 minutes to transfer to my other flight.... but, my luggage, had to also be quickly found in the Toronto flight, and transferred to the San Luis Obispo flight as well.. but it worked.

We drove to Brynn’s new house, in her brand new white Toyota, Matrix. Brynn lives in a great 2 bedroom Bungalow. I have my own bedroom with a king size bed. Milo and I took a little down time, and rested on the bed for an hour as Brynn went out to do some errands. When she got back, we sat and gabbed for a while, and then decided to leave the dogs at home and go out for dinner. We went to a great local hamburger grill. Ate our burger,fries, and malted chocolate shake out on the deck of the grill and admired the beautiful sunset and evening.. Great burger.. it was topped with Avocado , cheese and Spanish onions.. yummm.. !

Its just great to be back here with Brynn.. in beautiful.. warm sunny California…

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