Sunday, April 08, 2007

California Day 5

Saturday April 6, 2007

Today I watched Brynn feed her snake ! I took a while for me to get used to the eating habits of a snake.. I will not go into details but if you can imagine it involves live bait... any way...

we went out to do some erronds, we dropped by Cal Poly University,

where Brynn teaches, we then had a nice lunch in San Luis Obispo, Mexican...

later on in the afternoon we went tovisit Brynn’s friend Kathy Lenski, who was a member of the Los Angles String Quartet for 20 years, a Grammy Award winner, and one of the most famous Hollywood Studio musicians. We had a nice dinner together, and then all piled into Brynn’s car, picked up
Mark, ( Brynn’s new boyfriend) and made our way to Atascadero to see a live
concert and CD launch party at Duane Inglish’s house.

( Brynn & Mark at the party)

Duane plays with Brynn in Café Musique on Accordion. His

daughter Erin, plays Banjo, and had produced her first CD. click here to see the live video I made, and put on YouTube

This party was a combination concert of Erin duo, and Duane’s group “ Hot & Cool” .

This house in the middle of cowboy country !

A wonderful location for this house
concert of manly bluegrass and Fresno music. Click here to see Duane's Group with Ted Waterhouse

( picture of Ted,with his prized Guitar,the same Ted Waterhouse, from Price & Waterhouse ! )

Lots of California wine was flowing this evening.. and nice snacks... a really neat combination of fun music, down to earth, natural California music lovers... at one point it was all a very surreal evening.. I felt like I was in a California film and that Woody Allan and Jack Nickelson would walk through the door to enjoy the concert as well... it was lots of fun... !! I am so glad that I have such a great friend like Brynn, who exposes me to yet another form of wild,crazy, and very artisitic people and art forms !

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