Friday, April 06, 2007

California Day 4

Good Friday, April 06, 2007

Last night, as I mentioned, Brynn and I went out for dinner to a local sea side restaurant, in Pismo Beach, about a 20 minute drive from her house. We went to ‘ Steamers’... had a great fish dinner, and enjoyed some nice Latin jazz.

My eye is slowing getting better, it’s less sore this morning. The hot compress I have been applying to it, 4 times a day is really working, by tomorrow I expect it will be gone.. thank god, without antibiotics ! Milo had a bit of an itchy night, and kept waking me up during the night. Its amazing how quite it is here at night ! It’s only now I really realize how noisy the City of Toronto is at night. And the STARS in the sky.. amazing.. it’s so dark here in Los Osos at night, when I take Milo out for her last evening walk, I need to take a flashlight... it’s that dark ! but up in the sky, the stars are all very bright... and millions and gazillions of them !

This morning we had a nice breakfast together of scrambled eggs and great coffee. After working on Brynn’s computer for a while and Brynn did some phone calling and organization, we eventually went again to the beach by Morro Bay with the dogs. We all had great time. The dogs just love the water! And the salty Pacific Ocean does wonders for Milo’s itchy skin. Afterwards we drove over to Brynn’s parents house in Cambria, about a 25 minute drive along the most scenic highway in the world, Highway No. 1.. which goes all the way up the west coast of North America, from Mexico all the way up to Alaska !

We visited her parents for about 30 minutes, and then went into town to enjoy a real English Tea at the local

“ Tea Cozy” . We had a brilliant time enjoying the Royal Tea, which included, freshly homemade Scones, with homemade Jam and clotted cream, a delicious selection of tea sandwiches and a yummy assortment of Petit Fores. I had 2 pots of the ‘ afternoon tea’ to which I bought a bag of for Ineke to which she will really enjoy !

After our tea, we went back to Brynn’s parents, picked up the dogs and made a B-line for the Dog park. They had there last fun for the day, and then we set off for home, Los Osos, once again.

Now its 9:00pm, and the day is slowing winding down. Tomorrow.. more exciting adventures lie ahead....

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