Tuesday, April 10, 2007

California Day 7

Day 7
Monday April 9, 2007

This morning Brynn had to go out on her motorcycle to Cal Poly University to teach.
So Milo and I set out on our own in Brynn’s car and took a nice coastal ride to Morro Bay on our own. It was once again beautiful weather. Milo enjoys the sea so much.. it’s a picture perfect day once again in California.. !!
after our visit to the beach,
I drove back to Los Osos, and met Kathy, Brynn’s friend.
We went out together to the local farmers market. Wow..
just down the street from Brynn’s house, every Monday. I bought fresh oranges, and some great homemade goat cheese. Brynn certainly live in paradise ! that’s for sure…
later on that afternoon, I drove to San Luis Obispo to meet Brynn for a Japanese dinner. We had a great time, and this being out last night together, it was a great way to celebrate with this fantastic, very fresh, and healthy Japanese food.
Tomorrow I head off home once again.. back to the Great White North !.. boo.. hoo.. I sure will miss the California Weather.. the sun, the heat.. the green trees.. the amazing fresh Fruit and vegetables ! I hope to be back one day soon again ! Thanks so much Brynn.. we.. milo and I had a great , great time.. !!

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