Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bombarded in TV shows on Obesity

Once again the TV can be a great source of information and education in weigh-loss tips. Yesterday I was watching Dr. Phil, which I normally do not watch, but this show was interesting so I stuck to watching it. It was about obese young children. The story was about how and why 3 young children under the age of 8 where more than 100 pounds overweight. Again the fingers were pointed to the adults in this situation. These children got this way because of the adults in their lives caving in to their temper tantrums, and nagging for this bad food. It’s all about choices! If you don’t’ want your child to grow up fat and overweight, YOU have to set the example your-self!


As doctor Phil put it… “why do you even buy this junk food!”

 “You should NOT even have it in your house!”

 “You ! The parent have to set the example and be the good role model.”

 Parents have the most influence on children when they are young.  They watch our motions and listen to our voices. We are their role models. As such, it is our obligation to set forth the best example we possibly can for them. Even from a very young age our children begin to pattern themselves after their parents.

 In this case, I agree with Dr. Phil. My house is empty of all junk food, and bad high carb foods. I don’t have it in the house, so I can’t eat it when I’m weak and feeling vulnerable.

 Please to all those parents that are bringing up children, set an example your- self. YOU eat Fruits and Veggies every day with your Children. Do not buy junk food. And eat with your children a home cooked meal at least 6 days a week!

No more eating out every night! Home cooked meals are what every European  family still does today, that’s why they are NOT obese and North Americans are! And believe me, their jobs and lifestyles are just a busy as ours, so that’s not an excuse to not cook!  We have just gotten lazy over the years!

 Then go for a bike ride and or walk with your kids… physical activities a must! But do it together.. otherwise they will not do it! Really !!  the couch is so much easier!

 Believe me I have learned the hard way! Now paying for all these years of body abuse and having to work for hours at the gym to burn enough calories to burn off these years of built up fat!!     

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