Thursday, November 13, 2008

My new strong body… a big surprise!

My new strong body… a big surprise!

My exercises with my personal trainer are getting more and more daring every week. More importantly I am totally surprised every week with the new things that I am able to accomplish with this new smaller stronger body. Tuesdays are my personal training sessions. This week, I arrived at the gym early to first join in on a new cardio Salsa class; I only lasted 15 minutes, it was really hard and fast paced ,I was quite sore in my hip, so I stopped and just sat around at the gym for an hour before my private training session was to begin.

I was not of high spirits, starting my lesson because of the failure to keep up with the Salsa dancing. My trainer had said, ‘Wendy we are going to try something new today’.. gulp.. I thought, okay bring it on! Today we are going to do a Chest press on a Stability ball. (see picture ) oh.. yeeks.. me.. sitting, laying on the ball like that! .. okay.. well hold on, don’t let me fall over!… so there I went, laid on my back and slowly walked my legs out, so as to be in the position, holding my hips up with my stomach muscles, then my trainer handed me the barbells, to add even more a challenge to keeping my balance on the ball! Well.. I did it! Yaaa ! I was so surprised with myself! I am so much more flexible and stronger than 10 months ago! And being able to do this exercise really showed me my progress, and that all this money spent on private strength training is really paying off!

Last night I went to gym again, as I do 5 nights a week, and then tried the exercise alone without my trainer spotting me. And again, I did it! Got down on the ball, even while holding the weights ( 10 lbs each) I ever was able to walk slowly back, pushing my back up the ball to get back into a sitting position on the ball, and not just flop onto the floor.. YES!

So every night I do 1 hour of circuit training and 1 hour of cardio. Last night 4 sets were: 15 reps of Chest press on a Stability ball, 15 reps of squats on the stability ball while lifting a 15 pound medicine ball above my head, holding a ‘ Plank’ for 60 seconds ( see picture) then walking 6 times up and down the room holding 45 pound round weight discs in each hand ( I call it the fireman’s walk, weights, not buckets of water) pressing 20 pound barbells in a hunched over position, getting up and sitting down on a exercise bench with holding a 35 pound weight disc, and finally walking around the gym twice in a fast pace while punching in the air with 8 pound barbells. Pheew.. That’s only 1 set too! I had to do 4 of them, equally 1 hour in time.

After the circuit training I then do 1 hour of cardio. 15 elliptical, 15 treadmill, 15 bike, 15 elliptical. Then I go home.. and enjoy my well earned protein smoothie that I make myself, with 1 cup of milk, 4 frozen strawberries, a little 35 calorie container of yogurt, and protein powder.

I’m pooped by the time I sit on the couch and watch 1 hour of one of my PVR recorded shows, then go to bed at about 11:30pm.

I’ve been doing this every night of the week for 10 months now…


I am !!

(The above pictures come from a site I found that has pictures and clear explanations on how to do all these exercises. It's called : HowStuffWorks. The pictures.... ME !! Hopefully in one year.. !! )

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