Saturday, November 01, 2008

Letting your Creative side sing out loud and clear!...

Letting your Creative side sing out loud and clear!...

Halloween has come and gone for another year. On my bucket list now includes to really, I mean REALLY !, go all out with a crazy and fantastic Halloween Costume next year !! That is a promise to myself. I am by pure nature an attention seeker. I love to be in the lime light, an extravert . I love to be the one that would make turns heads in a GOOD way, and not the way those heads have been turning for the last 20 years because of the double take in my Ginormous size! Arrgh!

I am surrounded in such amazing creative people. From the amazing friends and musicians that play with Amici or the Toronto Symphony, to all the other creative visual artists friends that I am also in admiration of. Living in the ‘ Village’ in Toronto, I am also surrounded in very creative artists. Last night’s Halloween party on Church street was one of the best ones I‘ve seen yet.

Halloween in the Gay community is also sometimes refered to as the ‘ Gay Christmas’; giving the community full licence to be as extreme and or creative as possible! I was awestruck when I saw this re-creation of a self portrait of Vincent Van Gogh. This artist, painted himself using the impressionist painting technique that was a true to life copy of the original painting. He then toted a full frame with lighting, to complete the whole 3 dimensional effect of the self portrait.

Hopefully next Halloween I will be the one that will have all the heads turn and someone writes about it in their blog!

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