Friday, October 31, 2008

110 pound barbell… or 110 pounds of fat?

110 pound barbell… or 110 pounds of fat?

So for those that actually follow my blog, and wondering the results of our last episode… meaning did I fit into the opera house chairs or not… well... YES I DID and with room to spare too! I was so pleased, after climbing to the very top of the opera house, as I bought tickets that were in the very LAST row. I dropped off my coat in coat check, so as not to obstruct any space I may need to settle my butt into the little chair. Well, I sat down very carefully and slowly.. and volá .. I fit !. A small explosion went off in my head of joy! I really enjoyed the performance for the first time, as I was not in any uncomfortable pain for jabbing chairs. The only one inconvenience I had.. and have been having a lot of, is the fact that by being on the diet, you do tend to pee way more .. I mean WAY MORE… !! I get up at night at least 3 times to pee.. if you are trying to lose weight, you should be having to take a pee at least once every 2 hours. So here I was sitting in the hall, and about 1 ½ hour mark, I had the urge! Oh man! Not now, the break is not for another 30 minutes. So the last 30 minutes were concentrated on not peeing my pants and certainly not opera singing. Dam! Any way.. I did make it.. with a lot of will power, flew down the stairs in no time at the break, and was pretty well the first one in the line at the ladies room. Pheew… made it!!

Tonight I was back working out hard at my gym for my regular 2 hour workout. I thought it would be fun to take a picture of myself at my gym, holding a barbell that equals the amount of weight I have lost so far. I rustled up a strong bystander, in case I drop the weight, to actually take the picture. I was quite surprised that I could pick up the barbell, but totally shocked that I actually used to weigh that much more just 10 months ago…
Oh my god.. what an idiot I was!!

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Janie said...


It must have been so exciting to fit into the opera house chair-proof that there are big changes!

As someone that "knew" you from school (without really really knowing you) I always thought of you as a happy confident person! Never an idiot. Always smiling back then and still now!