Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cultural Culinary Displacement Syndrome

Cultural Culinary Displacement Syndrome

I think I made up a new term! I looked it up on Google, and didn’t find a match. Cultural Culinary Displacement Syndrome or CCDS is what I call, what I have suffered from all my life. Let me explain; thousands of immigrants have come to Canada over the last 100 years; my parents included, and what they brought with them was not only a suitcase of clothes, but also their ethnic heritage. My mothers famous saying is “Never forget your ethnic heritage; remember Culture starts in the Kitchen”. What my mother brought from Holland, is her taste and knowledge for Dutch food. CCDS is predominate in thousands of Canadians. Growing up and eating food that actually comes and is made and served in another country. I grew eating very rich Dutch culinary dishes, such as Dutch pastries, hundreds of heavy potato based vegetable dishes etc. Some of my favorite names (translated) of some Dutch dishes are “Hot Lighting, Hail Storm, Stamping Pot, Rope Meat, Fly, Mice, Puffy Things, the list goes on…

Now in CCDS the food consumption would not be such a problem if all the other elements around where according to the country or origin. In my case, eating all these very rich foods, what I should have done to accompany them, and to burn them off , is jump on my Dutch Bike and Bike to School, Bike to the store, Bike downtown, Bike to Band rehearsal.. get the picture?… we ate this rich wonderful food, and what did I do, living in a Cold, snowy 10 month a year winter climate, get into a car, or snuggle on the couch in front of a fireplace…

If you have ever visited another country, not including the U.S.A., Obesity is no where else to be found in the world! Why? CCDS ! North America is made up of 99% immigrants, people growing up, and coming from somewhere else in the world. Coming to North America, not only is the whole continent using their cars much more, therefore a more sedentary lifestyle, but also is eating foods from around the world! From heavy Italian, pasta dishes or rich Carb Chinese dishes etc, etc.. Get the picture? The ethnic surroundings and traditions play a big part in the body shape of a person.

I have now lost over 100 pounds, and since so, I have started riding my bike around the city once again. Still enjoying my Dutch Culinary Heritage, but now incorporating what a typical Dutchman would do during the day to burn off the Dutch Culinary treats!

** Fact For the Day - The Dutch have been classed as the tallest people in the world! Why? Because of all the milk products they consume. Ever seen a tall Asian?, nope.. they don’t eat any or very little milk products. The average 18 year old Dutch boy drinks 1 to 2 liters of milk a day! All my cousins are over 6 feet tall! ( I grew up drinking Koolaid!!)



Hi Girl,

I got all the names for Hete bliksem, spamppot, chocoladehagel, gestampte muisjes, draadjesvlees.

Maar wat is Fly? En puffy things?

Wat zie je er goed uit op je nieuwe foto! Die spijkerbroek is zelfs gewoon te wijd, hè?

Goed zo! Groeten!


Wendy Limbertie said...

ha.. ha.. very good ! the fly and puffy things.. are: Vlaai and poffertijes