Friday, October 17, 2008

The " Light Bulb" Moment...

The ‘ Light Bulb’ Moment…

You know I have been reading other Diet books as a form of my research in this whole project. After just finishing the book ‘Half-Assed’ by Jennette Fulda, and now starting the next called ‘The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl’ by Shauna Reid. In both these renditions, they talk about the one thing, that ‘ light bulb’ moment, that trigged the decision to start their diets. Thinking now back to how I felt about myself back in December 2007, or before that, there was indeed a ‘light bulb’ moment for me as well.

I was out visiting an old friend of the family back in December 2007. We where chatting in her kitchen, and the topic of conversation was that fact that I was turning 50 in a very short time, in 1 year and 7 months, July 23, 2009. During our heated conversation, my good friend then stated; “Well why don’t you make it your project to start a diet now, and then by the time you reach 50, you’ll have reached your goal weight!!?? I thought a moment, and then, like always, just blowed it off, as I have in the past.

In the following days and weeks after our coffee date, the notion of this project started to really sink in. Maybe it’s not such a bad idea. As I was walking my dog at Riverdale Park as I do every morning, I had been noticing that my left hip was getting more and more sore. To the point where I could only walk for 10 minutes, and then have to return to the bench and sit and watch my dog, Milo chaise all the squires, or hobble back to the refuge of my Van. (The greatest vehicles build for a Fat me)

My Mother had her hip replaced when she was 60 and my oldest sister had BOTH her hips replaced when she was only 43; so hip replacement runs in the family. I thought at that point still back in December 2007, That I may too, have to have my left hip replaced. Hip replacement surgery was out of the question for me, with my present 365 pound obesity, the doctors would not even attempt to do it. They too would say you would have to lose weight before they could operate.

There you have it!

The moment!

I realized that all my health issues that I suffered from, pointed directly to my obesity. The list was long, too long. I had High Blood pressure, took medication for that, but without a health plan was very expensive. I had Asthma, that medication was also expensive. And I’m a Horn player! You can’t have Asthma as a Brass player!! And now my hip was giving out! Enough!! So back in December 2007, in the park with my dog, I had this epiphany to start my new Life Style Change.

Now only 10 months later and 106 pounds lighter, October 2008, my doctor has taken me off the high blood pressure medicine, as my blood pressure is now perfect! And also I have stopped using my puffer for my now absent Asthma. Plus the best and most important result is that my hip has stopped hurting when I walk! I do think my hip has been damaged though, because still at the gym there are certain flexible exercises I simply cannot do with my left leg! and I can with my right, but still the pain is gone and that I can live with for now.

** Tip for the day: I buy frozen strawberries at that local grocery, and at night after my workout I mix in my blender, frozen strawberries, 1 % fat, milk and protein powder which makes a great and healthy late night frozen treat!

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