Saturday, October 25, 2008

Extreme Makeover...

Extreme Makeover…

Back in September 1993 is when I purchased my first Apple computer. An Apple Performa 550, 33 MHz , 160 MB Hard Drive and 4 MB of RAM. ( so small! Eeek! ) I can’t believe that’s it only been 15 years that we have been introduced to emailing and the World Wide Web. I can still remember how excited I was, as I unpacked my first computer, in my home in Amsterdam. It was really ‘plug & play’ ... but at a way, way, way!! Slower speed than what we experience today. I had so much more patience back then! Waiting sometimes 10-20 minutes for a web page to load!! Aaarggh.. Couldn’t do it today though! I would throw my computer out the window, smash it, jump up and down on it… or just grab a book!!

I paid close to $3000 for that computer! My god! And on the www of course no high speed at all!, all via phone lines. Sooooo slow! But exciting. This is when I first learned how to design my own personal websites. I used a very user friendly program called ‘Claris Homepage Maker’ … so I published my first homepage back in 1993. Stuff about my life in Amsterdam, pictures, the horn, etc. Mostly to let my family know back home (in Toronto) what I was up too.

So today, I own several computers, both PC and Apple. Webpage design has come along further, and my skills in Adobe Photoshop have been the most useful. Therefore the upgrade, and refreshing look of my blog today, I thought it needed a makeover.

The computer and the connection to the world have played an essential role in my weight-loss results. By using the computer, this blog, and FaceBook , I announce my results of this Diet . If you look at the many movie personalities, like Queen Latifa, and others, that have gone on the Jenny Craig diet, and promote being on it, on TV ads, you see the results. Those movie stars have to show that they are really doing it! It’s in the public eye! The same with posting your results on Blogs or Facebook. By making your progress public, it’s harder to go off your diet. People are expecting to see your results every week. Plus it gives you self incentive to compete with yourself. Making your project as public as possible, helps with the days you feel weak, and may go back to your old ways.

Here are some links to some of the web pages I have designed:

Amici Chamber Ensemble
Community Folk Art Council of Toronto
Café Musique

Network Winds
Joaquin Valdepenas
Kathy Halvorson


Hilda said...

Hi Wendy,
Are you sure you published your first homepage in 1993? Internet was hardly born in that period. Even most companies didn't have a homepage yet? It could be true, of course, but than you really were an EARLY ADAPTOR!

Wendy Limbertie said...

yuup.. I did.. it was primative, but the dutch provider I was connected too, provided a small amount of personal webspace on there site.