Monday, October 13, 2008

Move Your FAT ASS!...

So here I am back on my blog!
For the past 10 months I have been undergoing an extreme makeover!
On January 1st I started my very much needed life style change. I joined and gym and started to diligently start working out 5 nights a week. Of course accompanying this, a new set of rules and guidelines into eating more healthy.
So far in 10 months I have lost 103 pounds! yuup.. you read it right !!
wow... yes I'm proud of myself. I have been posting my weightloss online on facebook.. but now I feel I need to break out of facebook and make this journey even more public! therefore back on my blog!


Anonymous said...

Well done! That's a wonderful accomplishment. Big hug,
Lisa xx

Janie said...

Wendy you are inspirational! As we all know, it can be hard to get motivated to lose wieght whether it's 10 pounds or 200. It's great that you are sharing your experience and tips. I love your eating dinner slowly idea and will try it tonight.

Sometimes parents say the cruelest things intending to motivate us. As a parent, I can now understand the frustration of not wanting my daughter to make the same mistakes that I have. We have to earn entitlement to do almost everything but can take on the responsibity of growing humans with no skills or support.
It's good that you are digging deep but ....well... hopefully it won't bring up bitterness in such a sweet person like you!