Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Weekly Results

My Weekly Results

Tuesday nights is my weigh-in night. I have my weekly training lesson with my personal trainer, and the first thing we do is getting up on the fancy-smancy scale, that not only spews out your weight, but an analysis of what your weight is composed of in fat and muscle.

This weeks Weigh-in:

Present weight: 257.0 lbs
Starting weight: 365 lbs
Week’s loss – 2 pounds
Total loss - 108 pounds

Now to add some other facts and figures:

My body is made up of the following elements of fat and muscle

Total FAT MASS = 123.41lbs
Total Muscle MASS (FFM)= 133.61 lbs
BMI = 44.1
Fat%= 48%

Conclusion:According to my trainer, she is very concerned that I am losing to much weight in muscle mass. I need to build up the muscle. Muscle burns fat! My exercise regime has now been changed to doing MORE resistance training ( weight lifting) and less cardio... its harder to gain muscle mass, then to lose fat mass.

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