Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Secrets of the Blue Zone

Yesterday, on Oprah, I watched a really interesting show on the ‘ Secrets of the Blue Zone’… 

...a show all about 4 small villages that have the most centurions per capita. ( people over 100 years old)In this show Dr. Oz was giving a report on each of the regions: Italy, California, Costa Rica and Japan and pointed out the top five helpful hints and secrets to the reasons why so many live so long into their 100's  in these regions.

I have summarized all the findings to this list, a very helpful list, that not only will help you live longer, but the key is that it again is all linked to diet, exercising, friends and community.  

1. Walk every day for at least 2 hours
2. Eat very little meat; try to eat fish, Beans, vegetables and fruit and dairy.
3. Do not eat processed food! Only fresh
4. Surround your self in family and friends all the time; don’t live your life alone!
5. Laugh! Try to laugh every day!
6. Drink 2 glasses of red wine, but not alone! With friends and or family
7. DO NOT RETIRE! … Stay active as much as you can as long as you can exercising your body as well as your brain!
8. Volunteer in your local community; get involved! Help others!
9. STOP eating when you are 80% full, it takes 20 minutes for your brain to know when you are full. Don’t eat dessert, eat your dessert if you must 30 minutes later, but probably you won’t because you will feel full anyways.
10. And my favorite! Hang out with YOUNG people. If you hang out with old people you become old your self! Try to surround yourself with as many young people as possible!

A few tips of my own:

1. When I eat my dinner, I always have a big glass of water with it. I eat one fork full then take a big gulp of water; you will be amazed how much faster you will feel full!
2. My biggest meal of the day is breakfast! I love my breakfast. I eat a much smaller lunch and even smaller dinner. Plus I have 2 snacks of yogurt with some fruit in between
3. Start a blog or diary; start writing your own thoughts. Tote around a little notebook to write down things, or thoughts or feelings that you are having just before you get hungry for a craving.
4. Chew gum!
5. Drink lots of water to curb appetite.
6. Keep busy! Don’t sit down too long, unless your are writing on your blog.
7. Talk, talk, talk! To others about your weight or diet issues.
8. Hang out with friends, or make friends that also have healthy lifestyles. Fat people have fat friends, skinny physically fit people have fit friends…
9. Get on facebook, expand your friends list, talk and go out and make live appointments with them.
10. Get a dog! Going on long walks is great for all of the above; exercise, talking to people and keeping active!

My biggest realization during these last 16 months of dieting, is that the above lists, both Dr. Oz's and mine, will now become my permanent lifestyle! they have too! All of the above must be done everyday for the rest of my LONG life!

So the key as Dr. OZ pointed out once again is.. live an active, healthy and positive life, and you too can live too 100 or more!

Here is the URL to the Oprah story on " Secrets of the Blue Zone"

also another interesting link:

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