Thursday, April 02, 2009

What's Happend to the BL?

Jillian Michaels Reveals She May Not Stay with Biggest Loser

Will she stay or will she go? That’s the question being asked by fans of The Biggest Loser ever since they announced the casting call for a new trainer on season eight.
We asked Jillian Michaels this morning if she planned to stay and her response was direct, “I might not be.” She said she’s working with NBC, acknowledging that they’ve been great in negotiations, but said “certain things need to happen” for her to stick around another season.
Listen to our interview with Jillian now, as she describes her personal conflict with the season seven contestants, and debates her role in the show going forward.
Anyone watching Biggest Loser season seven can sense that Jillian’s just not that into it. She told us she’s not happy, in fact she’s “miserable.” She warned us in our season six finale interview that season seven would be a tough one because the contestants have “figured it out,” stating that they say just the right things for the camera, and even arrive on campus asking how they go about getting an agent. Jillian told us that while she has kept close, personal relationships with previous contestants, this season was difficult because she just simply hated some of them.
Jillian says there is a price to pay when you’re unhappy all the time, so for now, the decision remains TBD as she sorts it out with NBC.


Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised. When I went to the casting call, there were a lot of people who were there that were actors and models looking for a platform. They look for people who have certain on camera skills more than they look for people who really need to lose weight. They look for a certain balance of people to play off each other for the drama and backstory.

I know there were people of all kinds at the casting call. Some blatantly were out for the money. Some just wanted a platform for their careers. Some really wanted to lose weight. Too bad NBC didn't pick more of the latter and less of the former two.

The conflict this season with Jillian was obvious. I kinda figured when NBC started looking for a new trainer at next season's casting calls that Jillian was going.

Wendy Limbertie said...

you went to the casting call???? lucky you.. there's no BL here in Canada... so I couldn't' do the same even if I wanted too.... ya. BL went down hill last year with the ' Vickie's' that were cast... all real bitches.. and not there to lose weight.. and what was up with that Loelle chic!? she was REALLY not there to work at all! soooooo lazy.. what was she thinking? successful weight loss only comes with Hard Hard physical work! no secret to that news!