Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Trying not to be a bore!

Life has been busy! that's for sure.. playing full time with the KW symphony is coming close to its unhappy end! boo hoo... Next week is the last week of my run with them; then it's back to the grind! The gym that is! Although this run with KWS has been amazing, I have not really gotten into any kind of rhythm , and find it really hard to get to gym after a full day of travelling on highways every day for 3 or more hours, then playing and concentrating for another 6 - 10 hours.. ending up with sometimes 12-14 hour work days! I'm just to pooped to drag myself to the gym then too. Plus eating in resturants the whole time, just not being home to shop.. or anything... and my poor dog, Milo never knows where she is going to end up next... sooooo next week, April 30th.. I'm done.. May 1st back to the grind! 

I miss the endorphins too! 

have a great week... !

( the pic above was taken today, during one of my solo horn parts backstage in Guelph, with the Kitchener Waterloo Symphony, performing a piece by Canadian modern composer, Murray Schafer) 

also I'm now on my dinner break ; therefor this blog entry...brought my MacBook today, and I'm taking advantage of free WiFi at a local restaurant called ' The Bookshelf' in Guelph.... 

Concert starts at 8pm ... now back to my salad.....

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