Thursday, April 09, 2009

Who's that Stranger!?

Last night at my gym, my trainer took my body percentage reading with the gym's fancy machine.. 

here are the results:

Fat -1 before 47% after 42%
Lean Mass Before 135 after 137
Fat Mass before 107 after 101
Total body water before 99 after 100
BMI was 44 now 41

What this all means is that ... in the last 2 weeks I have gained 2 pounds of muscle!! yaaaa... finally!
 I have lost 6 pounds in Fat , pure fat! 

My body fat percentage is now 42%  

My total body water is higher, which is good, meaning that my muscles are retaining water better. 

Today's weight is 234.8

( this picture, of me,  was taken today in sunny Toronto

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Anonymous said...

Hey Wendy
Happy Easter. Great job on refraining from those chocolate easter eggs. Don't forget to keep your protein cosumption high, it helps you to burn the fat and retain the muscle. You need protein to build muscle mass. Without the protein you tend to burn more fat, it really does work.
Love Maya Sietske.