Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Seeing and feeling Hollywood

Last night my 2 greatest friends, and neighbours took me to see Liza Minnelli perform LIVE here in Toronto at Roy Thomson Hall.. it was so great... she is so wonderful.. what a performer! I'm a reformed fan! talking about a GREAT example of coming back with flying colours of some HUGE health issues! What a story! Now that women, Liza is a true example of how to fight and kick yourself back to health!

Music and music making is the world's best and most effective form of positive therapy. When I have a bad day, or feel depressed, making music totally uplifts me!

Way to go Liza with a ' z'... you uplifted me and about two thousand other Torontonians last night! Thanks for bringing your Hollywood success story to light here to Toronto! Wow!

( I took this little video last night from my seat.. turned out pretty good, had to edit it a bit, I used iMovie for that... enjoy! )

BTW she is 63 years old!

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