Sunday, December 28, 2008

Arrrggg... I've gained!

Well Christmas is over.. and the biggest gift it has given me is 5 pounds of extra unwanted weight gain!! Well I guess it's not to bad, considering I really didn't hold myself back! I had everything over these holiday from Turkey, to Ham to Chocolate and Candy Cane flavored Egg Nog...

I don't feel guilty, I feel good actually!... I got all the cravings out of my system, enjoyed some great times with my family. And just enjoyed what Christmas means to us all... sharing memories, and making new ones.

Last year I weighed 365 pounds at Christmas and this year I weighed 245 pounds, ( well actually today I weigh 250, but this extra will be gone by next week)  120 pounds lighter!! and to break it down, in 12 months, because I've been on this diet now for a year, in 12 months I have lost an average of 10 pounds a month. That was my original goal I set for myself last Christmas, and so far I have achieved it!

So now on to the next 12 months of my continued quest!

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Anonymous said...

at least you had a great christmas and I am sure you enjoyed the food more than you ever did.
now back on track again, keep on going wendy, you can do it!
love, liesbeth