Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Marley... I mean Milo and Me!

Today I ventured out on my trusty electric scooter/bike.

I thought, well yes it's cold out, about minus 10 degrees Celsius, but if those ' Ski-Doo' owners can whip around the back roads of Ontario in similar weather, I should be able to too!! So I dressed as you would on a Ski-Doo, and Milo too, in her pink hoodie... only I found out I really need long underwear and better Ski-Doo gloves, as my fingers turned into 10 popsicles !!

oh.. well.. we made it home, and now I'm enjoying a nice cup of hot herbal tea to help me defrost. I wish it could be Hot Chocolate, but no such luck.. not good for the diet.

I saw the film ' Marley and Me' today... 2 Toonie Tuesdays at the local theatre.. I liked it, but didn't like the end part.. sniff sniff.. a real tear jerker!!

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