Monday, December 29, 2008

New Non-Fat Hobbies

Working out at the gym on a daily basis is not a hobby yet, it's still a huge task and a great effort to do this. Hopefully it will become one , one day soon...

For now a new/old love/ hobby.. I bought myself a Christmas gift of a new Canon EOS Rebel XS is a great hobby!
I have been having fun this holiday season with taking long walks with my dog, and taking some shot in and around Toronto. My dad was a great amateur photographer, as well as 2 of my nieces. So it kind of runs in the family. I missed my Canon SLR camera, where I had to use real film.. way to expensive, so the opportunity came up with a great door crashing boxing day sale from a local large electronics chain store, and I nabbed the chance to finally get a digital SLR camera.

( I received these tulips from my sister at Christmas, to see this picture in full view, click on it, also you can download it and it makes a great ' desktop' picture!)

This morning I jumped out of bed, looked at my BIGGEST LOSER 2009 new wall calendar, and one of the tips for the day was... Set up your equipment in order to do a proper workout. So I changed up my treadmill so that now when I'm on it, I can watch TV! that really helps with making the time seem to go faster. So I worked out for 1 hour this morning before taking a shower and getting dressed ( no one can see me, so I worked out in socks, runners, underwear and a bra.. nothing else!! he. he.... he.. that was fun, and very cool) I took the dog for a 1 hour walk after that, with camera in hand.. and took some winter shots...

tonight back to my 2 hour regime at the gym...

yes.. by the way.. I do have this week off.. no work.. so I do have time to get myself back on track, and back to my workout regime!! and my BIG PLAN !

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