Monday, December 08, 2008

December the Diet Nightmare!

This weekend has been somewhat a disaster as far as staying on track is concerned.. Wow.. This is hard.. And is bloody not fair! I gained 4 pounds this weekend, with not really eating overboard. But still enjoying some Christmas treats at the several events I was participating in. Dam! Such a pity! 4 pounds equals 2 weeks work! 2 weeks of sweat and tears at the gym. All for what! Let me tell you what I had I shouldn’t have, but did.

Friday I ate sushi for dinner, not to bad, right? Saturday I had to produce a multicultural Christmas Festival at City Hall. Now that was hard, comforted by all these delicious treats from around the world. I had some chocolate, some Serbian sausage ( 2, the size of the little breakfast sausages) and then later on at night I had a ginger bread cookie, after I decorated it myself, and a Dutch Croquette. All quite rich in fat and calories, but does that extra fatty food warrant an extra 4 pounds.

I thought you had to burn 3500 calories to lose 1 pound, but does that mean you gain a pound if you ate and extra 3500 calories as well? The extra treats I had consumed this weekend certainly did not add up to 3500 calories 4X3500 which is 14,000 calories .. is WAY Off.. I did not, certainly did not consume 14,000 extra calories!! … that’s not fair !!! and not right… it should be the same, you burn 3500 lose a pound, the visa versa.. life is sometimes just not fair!!

Man I have to work hard at the gym this week.. and Christmas isn’t even here yet!! December is a Diet nightmare!!

No wonder Gym membership sales are the highest in January!!

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