Sunday, December 21, 2008

Getting Closer To Your Goals

After a weekend of playing my horn, eating some things that were not really on my Diet chart.. but playing some wicked Ping Pong matches with my Brother-in-law, I was rewarded with at least a 1 pound loss...

I even had 2 slices of Hawiaan pizza! the first Pizza I have had in 12 months!!!

Now the biggest challenge.. .Christmas!!

hold on Wendy !... you can do it!!

....only 95 pounds to my goal weight, which the deadline is fast approching of 7 months away!

If Michelle on the BL can lose 110 pounds in 7 months... so can I !! Dam-it !!

check out this video... some really SMART tips!!


kathy halvorson said...

Wendy, you are doing great. YOu are ALREADY achieving your goal, so don't be hard on yourself. You can do it! I'm proud of you!

Nadina Mackie Jackson said...

Hi Wendy,

You really are doing amazingly well at this! You have inspired me and I have a trainer now too. Your work is having an incredible effect on you and your friends, thank you!