Friday, December 12, 2008

The Week of Ups and Downs!

Boy am I glad this week is over! Wow.. What a roller coaster ride. Some good, but mostly bad turn of events. Starting with Monday; after a heavy weekend, with 2 major events that I had to organize, I ended up eating a whole bunch of really wrong fatty foods. I suffered the whole week because of it! Cursing at the scale on Monday morning, I had gained 4 pounds over the weekend. This was going to be a week from hell! All the while, I had been waiting to hear on some news about a new job I applied for, and still had not heard the results.

Tuesday was my day with my private trainer. I ended up eating my dinner way to fast, and had a terrible stomach ach going to the gym, which resulted only being able to train 10 minutes with my trainer, when she looked at me and said we better re-schedule, your stomach has to settle down, you should eat your dinner 2 hours before we work out, not 10 minutes!! Tuesday night I had to attend an office Christmas party, ( see blog entry Today's Facebook status says it all! ) so with a stomach full of very fatty food once again , I of course couldn’t sleep, not to mention the intense guilt I was feeling about my lack of self discipline! So early Wednesday morning, I was completely frustrated and couldn’t sleep. So at 4:30am Wednesday morning I got up, got dressed and drove to my gym, to be the first one there beside the staff at 5:00am! I worked hard for 2 hours! Then later at 7:00pm I went again, and worked out another 2 hours. Craziness, working out for 4 hours in one day! My bodybugg readings said I had burned 4000 calories that day!!

Thursday I got the double whammy of bad news! I did not get the job I applied for, and I may have to vacate my office space, because of financial troubles! God… what next!? My mom always said, bad news comes in three! So now it’s Friday, today I had given a horn lesson to a new student. That finally grounded me ! I was brought back to my real life! The horn! Thank god for the horn! I escaped to the gym, trying to get rid of all this stress from this week, but simply playing my horn, and sharing all my years of training and knowledge with a willing open soul, did a great job of cleansing my soul. Although tonight I had another training session with my trainer, I was enjoying it much more, with less stress and looking forward to this weekend of more music making. I’m going to great concert Saturday night, and Sunday and Monday I have a gig, and I have to go play with a regional orchestra again.

Playing a musical instrument is very soothing for your soul!

But cautiously as I am still waiting for the 3rd bad thing to happen….

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Anonymous said...

We are so blessed that we are musicians. I too find that my piano is my best friend. Your instrument is used is so much of my favourite music (Mozart's Horn Concerto, Mahler's Symphonie).

Its also used in the new Aria I am learning in Fidelio, I thought of you when I saw it in the score.

From your biggest fan,