Thursday, December 11, 2008

Today's Facebook status says it all!

Today's " My Status" post on my Facebook page:

Wendy is ashamed.. I ate way to much at tonight's office christmas party.. dam those christmas parties.!! 10:32pm

Leslie Magowan at 11:39pm December 10
Shame isn't productive, Wendy. You've done amazingly, and tonight was just a roadblock. These parties are not healthy-eating-friendly places, but the season only lasts for a few weeks. Get back on the horse. Or exercise bike. Or whatever....

Roger Smith at 12:20am December 11
you fall (for me-butter tarts last night...) and then you say tomorrow I'm on many are with you on this journey, we appreciate the reality...I got a new GoodLife T-shirt today cuz mine were wore out..I like that.

Wendy Limbertie at 3:26am December 11
Baaa hum bug... Christmas !!! .. how can anyone say NO to a whole tray of Nanaimo bars??? why oh why.. am I not strong enough??

Wendy Limbertie at 3:41am December 11
Yeeks.. I shouldn't have, but looked up the calories in 1 Namaimo bar.. . and they are 300 calories per square!! god help me! I'm not even going to look up what else I ate tonight... sigh!! :-( ...and now it's 3:45am.. I can't sleep cause my tummy and guts are all upset from all this fatty food.. I am looking forward to tomorrow.. I am going to RUN to the gym as fast as I can!!

" December remains a huge Challenge !!! OMG... give me strength!!"

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